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One preacher called them "skilled physicians and surgeons of the soul."

And they were certainly expositors of the Word!

Sample the Puritans in the comments below ... and see what you think!


 A Preacher in his Study




WILLIAM GURNALL ... was born in 1617 and died in 1679.  His best known work is an exposition of Paul's great "Christian Armour" Passage in Ephesians 6.  It was 3 full volumes when originally published!  I had the privilege of buying and reading it all when preaching through this great text.

"The sweet bait of religion has drawn many to nibble at it, who are later offended with the hard service to which it calls!"

"How ugly a sight it is to see a bold sinner and a fearful saint!  One is resolved to be wicked ... and the other to waver in his holy course!"

"Be careful to keep the receipts which you received from God when He pardoned your sins!"

"There is no such thing in Christianity as an honorable retreat!"

"Many cry HOSANNA to Error and CRUCIFY to Truth!"

"A man cannot drown as long as his Head is above water!"

"Satan fights your prayers on three levels.  First, if he can, he will keep you from praying.  Second, he will strive to interrupt you in prayer.  Third, if those plots fail, he will labor to hinder the success and return of your prayer!



HENRY SMITH ... is a new Puritan to me!  I'm not sure I've ever heard of him!  But a writer he is!  He lived a rather short life.  Born in 1550, he died in 1591.  He was called "a prime preacher of the nation" (England).  Others named him "a silver tongued preacher" (eloquent).  His sermons were printed and re-printed prolifically!  Listen to some of these quaint but beautiful titles:  A Preparative to Marriage!  An Examination of Usury!  The Honour of Humility! Noah's Drunkenness!  Jacob's Ladder!  The Benefit of Contentation! (On Contentment)  And The Art of Hearing!

These quotes are from his message on "The Art of Hearing" a sermon:

"Luke 8:18 warns us to be careful HOW we hear!"

"When 'hearing' a sermon, think that you are gathering manna!"

"In Exodus 3:5 God teaches us how to hear when he instructs Moses to take off his shoes.  We too should put off some things ... worry, distractions, cares, sins and all our business!"

"In James 1:22 we are taught how to hear.  Listen to become "doers" of the word!  Practice what you hear!"

"In Luke 10 Mary teaches us how to hear.  Leave all and sit at the feet of Jesus!  Mark his doctrine carefully!"

"In Luke 2 Mary the Virgin teaches us how to hear when she 'pondered' all those things in her heart!"

"Hear every sermon with two goals in mind:  Learn something you did not know!  And get something to further mortify your own sins!"



WILLIAM GOUGE ... was born in 1578 and died in 1653.  He was educated at King's College (Cambridge) in England.  All of his Christian life he read 15 chapters of Scripture daily.  For 45 years he was associated with the same church in London!  (From his Ordination to his death!)

"Two influences under which the Christian is to live:  A careful endeavor to please God!  And a careful avoiding of such things as offend God and grieve His Spirit!"

"Sin is the greatest and most grievous evil, indeed, the cause of all misery!"

"The extent of the Church's subjection to Christ is unlimited!"

"Justification goes before Sanctification!"

"Here are the ends to which marriage is ordained:  First, that the world might be increased (bearing children)!  Secondly, that men and women might avoid fornication!  No remedy is as effective against fornication as this.  It's the only warranted and sanctified remedy.  Thirdly, that a man and wife might be a mutual help to one another ... in health and in sickness."



JOHN OWEN ... was born in 1616 and died in 1683.  He wrote a seven volume commentary on the Epistle of Hebrews!  The following quotes are taken either directly or indirectly from his book on the Holy Spirit.

"There is no good communicated to us from the Father but it is bestowed on us or wrought in us by the Holy Ghost."

"The Holy Spirit is the immediate Author and Cause of the work of regeneration."

"Sanctification is the immediate work of God by His Spirit upon the whole nature of the Christian."

"Sanctification is the universal renovation of our natures by the Holy Spirit into the image of God, through Christ Jesus."

"When the Son of God was come, and had destroyed the works of the devil, the principal remaining promise of the New Testament, the 'spring' of all the rest, concerns the sending of the Holy Ghost unto the accomplishment of His part of that great work which God had designed."

"The Holy Spirit was sent to fill the absence created when Christ ascended into Heaven.  He is here in Christ's stead."



RICHARD SIBBES ...was born in 1577 and died in 1635.  He spent much of his saved life "analyzing the conversion process."  In other words ... studying the Scriptures to discern HOW we got saved by the Grace of God!  (The "step-by -step" Bible account!)

" Answerable to our ignorance ... Jesus is a PROPHET to instruct us!  Answerable to our rebellion ... Jesus is a KING to subdue us!  And answerable to our sin ... Jesus is our PRIEST to satisfy the wrath of God toward us!"

"The Holy Spirit" is the most blessed Lodger That we have ever entertained in all our lives!"

"When chaff strives against the wind, stubble against the fire, when the heel kicks against the goads, when the clay strives with the potter ... AND WHEN MAN FIGHTS AGAINST GOD, it is easy to know on which side the victory will go!"



Stephen Charnock ... was born in 1628 in London, England.  He, once saved by the Grace of God and called to preach the Word, became a great pastor and author.

"All truth is to be drawn from Scripture!"

"'The Holy One' is our Lord's greatest title of honor!"

"Sin is the very enemy of God's purity!"

"The whole of redemption is wrapped up in that one expression of the angels' song:  'Good will towards men!'"

"The whole Gospel is nothing but one entire mirror of divine goodness!"

"Jesus tasted the bitter cup of death ... that we might drink of the rivers of eternal life!"

"All true blessings grow up from the pardon of sin!"



Robert Leighton ... is certainly no longer a well-known Puritan. Born in 1611, he died in 1684.  He is best known for a treasured exposition of 1 Peter.  He was the son of an old-fashioned Presbyterian preacher.  He requested that all his papers (writings) be destroyed at his death.  Thank God, they were not.  He was of Scottish heritage.

"The Grace of God in the heart of man is a tender plant in a strange unkindly soil.  It does not naturally grow well and prosper.  It must have the care and pains of a skilful Hand!"

"The Chief Worker of sanctification is the Holy Spirit of God."

"Malice and envy are two branches growing out of the same bitter root.  And their fruit is evil-speaking."

"A man is not only to be taught true Wisdom, but he is to be untaught (!!!) the errors and wickedness that are so deep-rooted in his mind."

"Isaiah is the evangelist among the prophets!"

"As the devil's work is division ... so Christ's work is union."

"Christian, be every day loving the world less, and Christ more!"




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