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 A Preacher in his Study





For the next few lessons, few weeks maybe, we will be discussing “Christ Jesus, As Presented in the Book of Colossians.”

Hopefully we will learn some captivating things about one of Paul’s least studied bodies of literature.

Certainly it is a Christo-centric Book or Epistle, Colossians.

Today I’ll just share with you an example of what I mean. Paul, in his very introduction to the saints in this Gentile City, greets each Believer this way: “To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are at Colosse: Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Colossians 1:2

“Hello.” Writes the Apostle, giving “Grace” to the Gentile Christians and “Peace” to the Jewish saints there!

But what’s the source of such beautiful blessings, grace and peace? Rather, Who is the Source?

The Godhead, The Father and the Son!

“From God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The linking conjunction here, “and” in English but “kai” in Greek, is a part of speech that links two equal entities!

This is what we call in English a “coordinating” conjunction, in distinction to a “contrasting” conjunction.

It grammatically means that God the Father and Jesus Christ are equal!

Equal in Power!

Equal in Authority!

Equal in every other way too!

Paul just taught us and the Colossians that Jesus Christ is God, very God!

Jesus of Bethlehem is Divine!

Jesus of Calvary is God the Son!

Jesus our High Priest is God on the Throne!

And this fact about the Saviour appears in the second verse of the Book of Colossians!

What else is coming?

To magnify our Lord?


Join us again tomorrow.

                                          --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




I still call it “Jesus in Colossians” anyway, what Paul wrote in his introduction to those Christian folks.

Here are his words, spoken immediately after Paul told them of his constant prayers on their behalf: Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints.” Colossians 1:4

Look at the logic here, the sequence of the nouns Paul uses as he is guided by the Holy Spirit. “Your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints.”


We are to have “faith” in Jesus!

And “love” for the saints!

Not the reverse order!

Too much faith in the saints may lead to trouble! Human beings, even Christians, will eventually fail you. Jesus never will.

So “faith” is to be placed in the Lord.

Love the folks at Church.

But Trust Jesus, He is Perfect.

“Faith in Christ,” I love that phrase.

We can put all our faith in him because He is the Faithful One! His very name is Faithful according to Revelation 19:11.

The right priority!

Love your fellow Christians.

Faith, place that in our Saviour!

Let's remember.

                                    --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




What does the Father call Jesus?

At least according to the Apostle Paul in Colossians 1:13, as inspired of the Holy Spirit.

The great God Who has … delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son.”

See it?

“His dear Son.”

Two things are apparent here.

God loves His Son!

The adjective “dear” is a translation of the Greek noun “agape,” except now as an adjective.

It means “to love unselfishly.”

To love unconditionally!

To love unreservedly!

“Agape” is believed by many Bible scholars to be derived from the word “agan,” which just means “much!”

An unending supply!

God loves and honors and appreciates Jesus to that illimitable degree!

Next the word used for “son” here is enlightening. It is the noun “huios.” This specific term suggests a real son, a natural son, particularly as relating to the legal, ethical and honorable aspects of sonship!

Jesus is God’s favorite Son!

Jesus is God’s doubly honored and highly exalted Son!

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Philippians 2:10-11

That’s what God the Father thinks of His Son Jesus!

In this most Christ-centered Book of the Pauline corpus.

“His Dear Son!”

And I agree!

Don’t you?

                            --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




Jesus, as presented in the great New Testament Book of Colossians, that’s our theme these days.

And in Colossians 1:15 we read of Jesus “Who is the Image of the invisible God.”

What a trait!

What a Title!

What an honor!

No wonder Jesus told the Disciples “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father.” John 14:9

This is Jesus Who is the very visible Person of the Godhead, Wherein the Father is invisible!

“Who is the Image of the invisible God.”

This noun “image” is our word “icon,” a term we borrowed from the Greeks. “Eikon” means “a figure, a likeness, a copy.” It hails from a verb spelled “eiko” which means “to be like” someone!

Jesus is the “Image” of God His Father, in that exact sense!


Then we need to discuss that adjective “invisible” I think. It’s “aorotos” in Paul’s language and means “unseen.” Their word “horatos” means “open to view, visible.” When it is negated with that opening “a,” called the alpha privative, the meaning is reversed. God the Father is unseen! Not visible!

So Jesus supplies that Need!

Again, He is the visible Person of the Godhead!

Surely no higher accolade exists for our Lord.

“Who is the Image of the invisible God.”

May we worship Him forever.

                                 --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




Jesus is the Creator?

That’s exactly what Paul says in Colossians 1:16. And here are his very words: By Him were all things created.”

This statement is in harmony with other portions of Scripture too. John in his Gospel, first chapter, proclaims: “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that way made.”

Yes, Jesus made this earth and each of its accessories!

“By Him were all things created.”

The verb “created” here is interesting, crucial really to the proper understanding of the Text.

“Were created” translates the Greek verb “ktizo.” It really means “to make habitable.” To “people” a place or region or area. And “ktizo” is derived from a root verb, “ktaomai,” which means “to acquire, to get, to procure for one’s self!” It can even at times mean “to marry a wife.”

Jesus then “owns” us!

As our very Creator!

Then when He saves us of course, we are “bought” with a Price, His precious Blood!

So, those who are born-again are twice owned … first by our Creator and second by our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Now that phrase, today’s Text, By Him were all things created,”

exalts our Lord as few verses have ever done, in all of Scripture!

What an eternal Jesus we serve!

May He be uplifted today.

He not only has prepared a Place for us in Heaven, in His Presence!

Now it sounds like He prepared a place for us on earth, before we were ever born!

What a comprehensive Provider He is!

Terrestrially and celestially!

Lord Jesus, we love Thee today.

                                                  --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




Jesus is the Central Figure of the Universe!

Of course He is God too!

The Second Person of the Trinity.

And Paul the Apostle, in Colossians 1:17, tells us an amazing thing about our Lord. In a few words, but exactly as our Bibles have recorded him: By Him all things consist.”

It is through Jesus that all things “consist!”

By the way, the little preposition “by” translates the Greek word “en.” It’s “within” Jesus or “near” Jesus or “on” Jesus or “at” Jesus that all things consist. These are the most valid meanings of “en” in Greek grammar.

Sounds like Jesus is the “Why” concerning the existence of everything!

He is also the “Source” of all these things!

“By Him all things consist.”

Now we must study that verb “consist,” spelled “sunistao” in Paul’s language. It blends two words, a prefix that’s a preposition too. That’s “sun” which means “alongside” or “with.” It denotes “union.”

The second word unit in “sunistao” is “histemi,” suggesting “to cause something to stand.” In the New Testament “to establish” something.

Some Bible teachers tell us that the word “consist” means “to glue together.”

In other words, Jesus “holds together” this world and all that’s in it!

Even the little atoms, with their protons and neutrons and electrons, “hold together” and get their cohesiveness from the Power and Glory of the Darling Son of God!

One scholar renders our verse this way, by definition of the words involved anyway. “Through Jesus all things have their being!”

Then, He is the very Fountain of life!

What Paul has said here is ineffable. By Jesus all things consist.”

Glory to the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We all love and adore Him surely.

                           --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




That Jesus may be preeminent!

That’s was the desire of Paul’s heart. And the Passion of God the Father as well!

Colossians 1:18 is my proof text for these statements. That in all things he might have the preeminence.”

That’s one reason why Jesus is the Head of the Church.

That’s also a reason God raised Him from the dead.

And that’s absolute evidence that Jesus is the eternal Son of God!

The three foregoing statements are based on our Text verse for today, And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.”

What an exalted Saviour we worship!

One who will always in all things have “preeminence.”

That little Greek word, spelled “proteuo,” means “to be number one.” To hold first place! It is derived from the little word “protos,” which means “first in time, first in line, first in influence, first in honor.” It also carries the ideas of being “chief, principal, absolutely superlative!”

That’s our dear Lord.

Does He have first place in your life?

Paul the writer here thought so, at least for himself. He once even said that Christ Jesus was his very “life!” That’s in Colossians 3:4 as well.

Jesus, Thou doest deserve that High honor!

First of all!

                                        --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




The world today would call it nepotism, the practice of extremely favoring one’s relatives!

But God can do no wrong, and His favor of His only begotten Son is perfectly in order.

God cannot even look at evil! Here’s proof: Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity.” So says Habakkuk 1:13.

But still, God loves His Son without limit!

And favors Him too!

Listen to Colossians 1:19, where the Father is being described, His attitude toward His Son Jesus. For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell.”

This is thrilling!

The verb “pleased” translates the Greek word “eudokeo,” indicating “abundant delight and exquisite joy, fused with some sheer determination!”

God is going to exalt His Son!

The noun “fillness” used of the Saviour here is “pleroma,” a term used by the ancients to indicate “loaded to the maximum,” as in a ship that has been heavily laden and sits in the harbor ready for departure! “Pleroma,” overflowing! Also its root, “pleres” means “lacking nothing, perfect!”

The complete fullness of God resides today in Jesus Christ, His dear Son!

And where does that Godness abide?

That deity?

That Essence of the who Paul calls the Godhead?

In Jesus, but note this. The verb “dwell” is “katoikeo,” which means “to be at home, to really be at home” in a Person!

“Oikos” means “house,” where a person lives, resides.

All of God is “at home” in Jesus!

What praise of our Lord!

“For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell.”


May we treat Him as He is, God all in All.

                              --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




It’s the way we Christians have peace.

Paul explicitly explains the mechanics in Colossians 1:20, speaking of Jesus. Having made peace through the Blood of His cross.”

Jesus’ Cross provides us many things, including the precious Gift of Salvation. But as a by-produce or side-effect of that Salvation is the glorious Peace Paul just mentioned.

The three opening words of our King James Text, “having made peace” are results of one Greek verb, “eirenopoieo.”

The word means “to do or make” something, but in a lovely, artful, poetic sense! Skilled craftsmanship! Blended with that is the noun for peace, “eirene.” Now “eirene” means “the absence of anything that separates fellowship or communion or love.” In fact, “eiro” means “to join” two formerly antagonistic entities.

We have this kind of peace, divinely given us … because of Jesus and His shed Blood on the Cross of Calvary!

Now a sentence or two about that Blood, our Lord’s Blood.

Peter calls it incorruptible. Thus it is eternal Blood and exists somewhere yet today. In Heaven I believe. Yes, we are not redeemed with perishable things like silver and gold, but with the precious, everlasting Blood of Jesus.

I believe His literal Blood is in view here too. Not some symbolic or metaphorical emblem.

The noun “cross” is derived from a word that means “to stand up,” which is exactly what happened to that piece of timber with a crosstie on which Jesus was nailed.

He died, yielding His Blood … that we might enjoy the very Peace of God!

Like our Lord said in John 14:27, gloriously. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Thank you, Jesus, from all of us who are saved.

                          --- Dr. Mike Bagwell





That’s one of the words Paul uses to describe what Jesus did when He saved our lost souls.

I’m thinking of Colossians 1:21 particularly. Paul is writing there and describes Jesus as the Great Reconciler. “And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled in the body of his flesh through death.”

The verb used here for “reconciled” is picturesque. It’s spelled in “apokatalasso” in Greek and means “to exchange one thing for another!” Nearly, “to change places!”

And that’s exactly what Jesus did when He saved us!

He “took my place” on the old rugged Cross and gave me “His Place” in Heaven for all eternity!


He suffered my “punishment” and gave me His “reward” for all of time!

But wait a minute.

Is there other Bible proof for such a dramatic statement?

Yes, there is.

Still Paul, but this time in Second Corinthians 5:21. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”

Now let me identify the pronouns our verse here implies. “For he (God the Father) hath made him (God the Son, Jesus) to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him (Jesus).”

If we have read these verses rightly, we have a magnificently wonderful Saviour!

A vicarious Saviour!

A substitutionary Saviour!

A Divine Saviour!

“Thank You, Lord Jesus, for saving our souls from Hell.”

                   --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




Every man or woman “perfect” in Christ Jesus!

That was the Apostle Paul’s goal for those who were saved under his great ministry.

Here are his exact words, really an overall statement of purpose for Paul’s life on earth! Warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” Colossians 1:28

Thus, according to this data, the very standard of perfection for every Christian is the Lord Jesus Himself!

Our utmost longing should be reaching maturity in Jesus our Lord.

That adjective “perfect” is the key here. It’s “teleios” in Greek, meaning a thing “that has been brought to its end, its finished state, absolutely complete, lacking nothing!”

What an exalting view of Jesus this is!

He is the gold standard for proper godly living.

Do I yet talk like Jesus, or as much so as humanly able?

Do I act like Jesus?

Do I love like Him too?

Of course these things are impossible to us sinners now saved by Grace … without the empowering energy of the Holy Spirit Who lives within us.

But the more I adore the Lord.

The more He means to me.

The greater I allow Him to impact my life.

The more “complete or perfect or mature” I will become because of His Holiness and Deity and Might.

Pastors, take note!

Present all your people, or at least long to do so, “perfect” in Christ Jesus.

This little Book of Colossians sure does magnify our dear Lord.

                                    --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




Praising Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

That’s what the Book of Colossians does, par excellence!

The second chapter opens with words that astound. “Christ, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Again, that’s Colossians 2:3.

Jesus contains, encloses, houses all God’s treasures of wisdom and knowledge!

The verb “are hid” translates “apokrupto,” a word meaning “concealed” or “kept secret.” Paul is likely here spoofing the heretical gnostics of his day, who sought wisdom in angels and planets and other phenomena. Jesus is the vault in which such things have been deposited, God’s True Wisdom and Knowledge!

The noun “treasures” is familiar too. “Thesauros” means “a storehouse, a depository, a place for safekeeping.” Jesus is God the Father’s Safety Deposit Box, for Divine Data.

Then “wisdom” is the Greek word “sophia,” meaning “broad and full intelligence,” but here used specifically like “seeing and responding to all of life from God’s perspective.” Jesus is the living Expression of God’s Viewpoint. Of course truthfully, Jesus is God! Also note that “Sophia” is derived from “saphes,” meaning “clear, clean or pure!” God’s teaching always is offered to the pure in heart! The Holy Spirit will not instruct a dirty student.

Now comes the word “knowledge,” spelled “gnosis” in Greek. Here is a second slam in as many phrases against the cultic enemies of God’s Truth. “Gnosis” is related to the verb “gnosko,” meaning “to cause to learn.”

What a verse of praise!

In honor of our Saviour!

To daily better know Jesus is to be acquainted more and more with God’s very Wisdom and Knowledge!

What an exciting life-long quest!

Or is it eternity long?

                    --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




What a Text, and all about Jesus, from Colossians 2:6-7. As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him. Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.”

We received Jesus by faith. And so Paul says here we are also to walk in Jesus by faith. We live for Him the same way we trusted Him in the first place!

Then comes what I think is the heart of the Text. We are to be “rooted and built up” in Jesus too. Which will lead to our being established in the faith. Such a state of rootedness and maturity, being built up, will also contribute to a state of permanent and ongoing thanksgiving!

Therefore we must study those two verbs. They apparently are critical to a healthy Christian live.

“Rooted” in Christ our Lord, the verb being spelled “rizoo.” It means “being made firm or fixed.” As a plant or a tree is when its roots are healthy and deep and well-fed. “Rhiza” is the Greek noun for “root” in fact. A “sprout” or “shoot” growing from a healthy living organism!

And “built up” translates “epoikodomen,” being fully and completely constructed, like a house, ready to be occupied by its owner!

Both word pictures represent grammatically durative kinds of action. Keep on being more and more rooted in Jesus! Grow more deeply into Him day by day!

And let Him week after week keep building you to the point of spiritual completion, maturity in the things of God!

These words prove Jesus to be the very Center of the Christian life. He is the Heart of our godliness. Back to Paul’s inspired words, in our Saviour we must be evermore rooted and built up!

To the darling Son of God be Glory both now and forever!

                          --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




“After Christ,” a brief little phrase used by Paul in Colossians 2:8. But what does it mean?

Sounds very important!

Here’s the whole verse as recorded in the King James Bible: Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

What words used here, philosophy and tradition and rudiments and deceit! Could be a college comparative religions class even!

One’s way of looking at life itself!

A person’s approach to the whole universe!

The particular family of belief or faith an individual plans to follow!

Everything is included within these parameters. “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world.”

But these all fall short of giving real meaning and purpose to human existence!

Philosophy does.

Tradition does.

Education does.

Culture does.

Then how is a man or woman to live?

Those last two words answer that fundamental question!

“After Christ!”

Base all of life “after Christ!”

That little preposition “after” translates the little Greek word “kata.” Here it means “according to.”

Live according to Jesus Christ!

Let Him decide your philosophical leanings!

Let Him be the Heart of your tradition!

Let Him guide you into all Truth, thus avoiding deceit!

After Christ!

He is the very Reason for life itself!

It’s very Source!

After Christ.

                                --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




It’s one of the highest points of praise that has ever been given in all of recorded history! And God the Father, through the Apostle Paul, heaps it upon His Own Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The verse, Colossians 2:9 reads like this: For in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.”

That is, in “Jesus” dwells Deity!

We know this for a fact. God, as God the Father I mean, is “Spirit,” not a Body! Jesus taught us this in John 4:24. “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

Also we are informed in Colossians 1:15 that this great God, the Father of course, is “invisible! And that Jesus is His ‘Image!”

If God the Father is Spirit, and if God the Holy Spirit is too … then only Jesus can be the Visible Manifestation of the Divine!

When we see God in Heaven, we will be gazing upon the One Who died for us!

The Lord of our lives!

Yes, Jesus is literally the very “Fullness of the Godhead bodily.”


If I ever see God’s love in flesh … I must look at Him, at Jesus!

If I ever behold God’s Mercy and Lovingkindness and Grace and Patience and Wisdom … Jesus is the One on whom I must turn my eyes!


Once again: “For in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.”


What a Redeemer!

Truly the little Epistle of Colossians exalts our Saviour like few other places in all Scripture!

Worship Him today, Jesus!

                     --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




Is Paul writing to just the issue at hand? Is he addressing the theological battle of his day, confuting Gnosticism?

Or are his statements true across-the-board?

Does this fact about Jesus apply universally?

What, Preacher Bagwell?

Colossians 2:10, where the Apostle tells us of Jesus: “And ye are complete in Him.”

The pronoun “ye” is part of the verb structure here, in Greek anyway, and it is plural. All of us who are saved are part of the family! We all are complete in Jesus! No Believer is excluded! The verse could almost read, for us today who are born-again: “And you all are complete in Jesus!”

But what does that word mean, “complete?”

It’s “pleroo” in Greek. A verb, a participle, a verbal adjective really. A perfect participle, indicating action that once started, once we were saved, continues until this present moment!

I was complete in Jesus the second He saved me!

And the meaning of “pleroo?”

“To overflow!”

“To cause to abound!”

“To be absolutely fulfilled!”

Nearly, “to lack nothing!”


If Jesus is all I need, and if I have Him in my heart since being redeemed … I am “complete” as a child of God!

Thus, the more I love Him. The more I ingest Him. The more I learn of Him … the more mature and furnished and Christ-like I will become!

All because of Him!

                --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




It happened when we were saved.

We were “raised with Christ!”

So says Paul in Colossians 3:1. If ye then be risen with Christ.” What a word picture of being born again!

The verb “be risen” as translated here is the Greek word “sunegeiro.” It just means “to get up” or “to stand up” with the prefix “sun” adding the idea of “togetherness” or “oneness.”

Just like Jesus was brought forth by God His Father from the grave, after His crucifixion … so have we ex-sinners been brought forth from the deadness of our past, of our  filthy transgressions, brought forth to newness of life in Christ our Lord!

Risen with Christ!

What a thought!

But since this is true, since we are “alive” in Him and because of Him … how should we live?

Now the whole verse: If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.”

That’s what we are to do!

Keep our eyes on Jesus, the Living Lord!

In Heave above, at the Right Hand of God!

The verb “seek” is “zeteo” and means to “desire” something so intensely that we “must have it!”

If our Life, that’s Jesus, is in Heaven … so must our interests be there too!

Godly things!

Holy Things!

Things that concern Him!

And the more Jesus-minded we become, I promise, the more earthy good we will do!

                 --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




It’s one of the greatest synonyms of worship that existS anywhere!

Paul called Jesus his very “Life!”

Our Text is found in Colossians 3:4. Here it is: “When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.”

And since Jesus is our very Life … of course we anxiously await His Return, His Second Coming! Paul has it here His “Appearance,” spelled “phaneros” in Greek, his flashing forth from Glory in great Light and Majesty!

Question is, What about the Son of God being our “Life?”

Do many say this and mean it these days?

The noun “life” is “zoe.” It is built upon the verb stem “zao,” meaning “to breathe!”

Jesus is my Breath?

My very reason for existence?




Now that’s Christianity!

Let’s all claim it.

                      --- Dr. Mike Bagwell

And this is good too. If Jesus is our Life … and I am going to be with Him for all eternity … then I already am enjoying something that grammatically must be termed “eternal life!”

Praise the Lord!





What a unique Name for Jesus!

“The Lord Christ.”

But that’s exactly how Paul the Apostle referred to our Saviour in Colossians 3:24.

Let me show you the entire text, the entire sentence really. And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24

I’ve checked and this is the only time Jesus is mentioned exactly like this, Lord and Christ being in this specific order.

Once, in Luke 2:11 the Virgin Born Baby is called “Christ the Lord,” but not the “Lord Christ.”

Maybe I am overemphasizing this distinction, but probably not. His Name is so very, very important!

“The Lord Christ” just utilizes two little Greek words, “kurios christos.”

“Kurios” means “master, the one to whom a person belongs.” It’s root is the noun “kuros” meaning “supremacy!” Jesus is First Place! He is the Preeminent One!

And “christos” means “anointed one.” It’s derived from “chiro” which indicates “pouring oil” on a person for some religious purpose. Jesus is God’s very Son, saturated with the precious Oil of the Holy Spirit!

As “Lord” Jesus is my Boss, my Ruler!

As “Christ” is my on-high great High Priest, praying for me day by day!

And as Saviour He washed my sins away in His Own precious Blood!

Praise His Great Name, the Lord Christ!

                          --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




I think the Lord laid this article, this verse, on my heart because of yesterday’s Bible College graduation where I had the privilege of speaking. And then probably too this morning’s Pastor Appreciation service where I’ll get to preach!

Men of God, young and old, are on my mind and heart today.

So here we go …

The man was a Preacher, one of Paul's students no doubt. His Name means “master of horses.” That's Archippus. He was obviously born into a household that did not yet know Jesus, had not yet acclimated childbearing to spiritual Christianity. Otherwise he might have been named after one of the Bible writers or Old Testament Prophets.

Nonetheless God called the now-saved Archippus to preach. Based on the Book of Philemon he likely was the Pastor to the small congregation that met in a private home in Colossee.

Today’s Verse gives some godly advice to this Preacher, and all his counterparts through these centuries since about 64 AD, a long time!

“And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.” This is Colossians 4:17, near the end of the Epistle.

The verb “take heed” is the verb “blepo” and means “to view carefully,” especially from an outward sense, the physical attributes of a person or thing.

Keep an eye on your Ministry, Archippus. Make it one of your life’s priorities!

And the noun “ministry” is notable, meaning “service” to others. That's God first, then His people next! “Diakonia,” the the very word that supplies us with the English noun “deacon.”

But what is this Preacher to do concerning his ministry?

As he watches and guards it carefully?

“Fulfill it,” commands Paul!

But how?

What does “fulfill” mean?

Here the Greek word is “pleroo.” It means “to supply liberally.” To leave no empty room, in a cup for example, of water or tea or coffee!

“To complete it,” says one scholar.

“To carry through to the end,” adds another!

“To accomplish all for which a thing was designed!”

Yes, to all Preachers who really believe and proclaim God’s Word, “fulfill” the ministry He has given you too!

“And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.”

Thank you, Lord.

We needed that challenge today!

                --- Dr. Mike Bagwell




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