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Deb and me after a recent Revival Service, in Rockmart, Georgia


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We are currently surveying the entire Old Testament, one Book at a time. Today it's the Book of Ezra. You can read all these Lessons, being archived daily, by "clicking" HERE. Those that have been written thus far, I mean. Enjoy!

Ezra has only nine chapters. The Book records the heroic attempt of a man named Zerubbabel, leader of the Jews as they returned from Babylon back to the Holy Land. After the "Babylonian Captivity" I mean. This happened under the reign of King Cyrus of Persia.

Then after a thirty year delay (an estimate) a second group returned from the diaspora. This time led by a man named Ezra. Still, surely the majority of the Jews remained in that foreign land. Unwilling to inconvenience themselves and make the hard journey "Home."

We have the numbers. Of a whole Nation ... only 49,897 joined Zerubbabel and still less, only 1,754 came back under Ezra! These are astounding figures! Of those who stayed behind, count Mordecai and Esther ... of all people!

As far as "content" is concerned, Ezra records the rebuilding of the Temple. It's "restoration" anyway. The first six chapters tell the story. Then the last three chapters tell of the reformation of the people! Much sin had crept into their lives and Ezra was determined to preach purity to their souls!

Someone read Ezra today. It is a Book about 'Revival," to me this seems so anyway. Its 280 verses will challenge you to attempt living a life, not in the "world," but in the land of "victory!"

Worshiping God (the Temple idea) and pursuing purity and holiness (the separation from sin idea) ... clearly the two main themes of Ezra!

What a powerful little Book!

It's a shame that it is preached so seldom these days.

               --- Dr. Mike Bagwell

I'll probably get an e-mail some day, in the future, with someone telling me that he or she has accepted the "challenge" and is studying Ezra. If so, you will be thanking me, no doubt, for pointing you toward that little Portion of Scripture.


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