Today’s word has grown into disuse.

“Exhort” one another.

I believe the current, most-often-used synonym may be “encourage” one another.

Our Bible Text is Hebrews 3:13. There, succinctly, we are commanded to “exhort one another daily.”


Not only are we told what to do, but how often to do so!

First, let’s dissect the word, the verb, “exhort.”

In Greek it is spelled “parakaleo.” With the prefix “para” meaning “alongside.” and the base word, “kaleo,” meaning “I call.” So, a paraclete (the noun form of parakaleo that Jesus “coined”) means … “someone who comes along side you, as a matter of habit, and walks with you and helps you and strengthens you and motivates you and (of course) encourages you!” He or she is summoned, “called” to do this, as a part of the exercise of their Christian faith!

By the way, “paracletos” is the noun Jesus used for the divine “Holy Spirit,” translated “Comforter” in our King James Bibles.

Furthermore, even that word “comforter” is interesting. God the Holy Spirit “comforts” us (daily, hourly, incessantly) … with “comfort” being derived from Latin. It means “with courage.” (with “fortis,” with “fortitude, resolve, determination”)!

Yes … to each other … our Brothers and Sisters in Christ … we are “called” to invest time with them (alongside them) and to “exhort” them every way possible to continue living for Jesus!

So much of the Bible is “hortatory,” the expositors say. The online “Free Dictionary” says “hortatory” means “marked or filled with strong urging,” inciting someone to do the right thing, or continue doing a good thing!

Since God’s Holy Spirit, living within each Believer, is The Comforter, The Paraclete … surely He will influence us, impact us, to (likewise) be “exhorters, comforters” to those with whom we worship. Our Christian friends!

And the (“adverb” in English”) translated “daily” actually utilizes three Greek words! “Kata hekastos hemera,” meaning “according to every day.” Every single day (as the need exists) … encourage that weaker saint of God!

What a thought!

What a duty!

What a life-changing charge!

And yet, what a privilege.

Now, the whole verse Hebrews 3:13. “But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”

Yes, apparently daily exhortation can help keep us form falling into those pesky little “sins” that so hamper the lives of us Christian.

Exhortation keeps us “soft” hearted!

Sin does the very reverse.

— Dr. Mike Bagwell