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PSALM 132 ... verse number 10 ... for david's sake ...

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Today's Verse is as beautiful as any I've seen, Old Testament or New, in quite a while! Not on the surface perhaps, but deep within its heart!

Yes, Psalm 132:10 is an extension of the great Prayer that Psalm 132 has become. But in a unique way!

Look. "For thy servant David's sake turn not away the face of thine anointed." The Psalmist addressing Almighty God!

With King David in mind, and perhaps his "offspring," his "descendants" too. The future Kings represented by His Son (Solomon) and Grandson (Rehoboam) and the others who follow them. A Davidic "dynasty," really.

What's the request?

"Lord, don't turn away (Thy Face) from Thy 'Anointed,' from the King on the Throne of Israel." Yes, the King was often, in the Old Testament, called God's Anointed! David spoke thus of Saul even, wicked Saul! See references like Second Samuel 1:14, among many others.

"God, keep thy Hand (favorably of course) on our King, on the one whom you have chosen to reign over us."

Again, word for word: "For thy servant David's sake turn not away the face of thine anointed."

Never forsake our leader!

Never refuse to hear him when he comes to Thee!

Please do not forget him!

Or grammatically this view is allowable: "Lord, please never turn Thy Face away from our king!"

"Never turn him away from Thee, always draw Him unto Thyself!"

Now here the "anointed" one could be just David himself. He was special! Or as I just said, any of his godly sons who also ruled Israel, later Judah to be more specific. The noun "anointed" is "mashiyach," literally the word "messiah!"

We need today to pray for our leaders as well, don't we?

But there's more to our verse. "For thy servant David's sake turn not away the face of thine anointed."

"God, please answer my request 'for David's sake!'" That's quite unusual, "for David's sake!"

David was godly!

David was a man after God's Own Heart! The Lord Himself called him that, through the pen of Paul, in Acts 13:22.

David was, again quoting the Lord, "the sweet psalmist of Israel." See Second Samuel 23:1 for proof.

Thus, "for David's sake" hear my petition!

I find this word "string" six times in the Bible! "For David's sake!"

God miraculously delivered Israel from the wicked hands of Assyria in the days of Hezekiah (a descendant of David) "for David's sake!" According to Isaiah 37:25. "For I will defend this city to save it for mine own sake, and for my servant David's sake."


Now today we do not pray in David's name. But this little verse might be a precursor to the way we do pray! "In Jesus' Name!"

David is indeed a Type of Christ in Scripture. In a number of ways.

Here's Jesus in John 14:13. "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son."


No longer David the mere Type of Christ!

But Jesus, God the Son, the Darling of His Father!

In His Name!

For His Sake!

In closing, Psalm 132:10 ... "Dear Lord ... for thy servant David's sake turn not away the face of thine anointed."

But now we're emphasizing ... Jesus!

Yes! Go to God today,  in prayer, sharing your heart and all its needs ... "for Jesus' sake!" Yes even these words, "Jesus' sake," appear in tandum three times in the New Testament!

Praying, not in David's name now, but in Jesus' lovely Name!

What a reminder today!

                   --- Dr. Mike Bagwell


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